dragon ball super episode 129 spoilers leaks

Dragon Ball Super Episode 129 Spoilers

Hey everyone! In this post, I want to talk about Dragon Ball Super Episode 129 spoilers. Before I begin, I want to warn you all of the spoilers that this post contains. If you’d rather avoid them, I suggest you stop reading here. However, if you don’t mind being spoiled, then let’s begin.


DBS Episode 128 of Dragon Ball Super saw the Tournament of Power officially enter its final two minutes.We also saw Ultra Instinct return in Episode 128, and as we head into 129, we’re going to see a lot of cool action from Goku.

dragon ball super episode 129 spoilers

Dragon Ball Super Episode 129 SPOILERS : “Limit Super Surpassed Ultra Instinct Mastered!!”

Ultra instinct Mastered!? Goku’s Power ascends!The Tournament Of Power Rushes into Goku and Jiren’s Final Duel! The cornered Goku unconsciously awakens the power that slumbered deep within his body and his Power level skyrockets! Thus he draws closer to the ultimate battle form Ultra instinct!!

This week’s Jiren:

Not ready to lose he releases his full strength!
Goku’s rising power steals a smile from Jiren’s in return, Jiren puts all of his hidden strength into his fists and strikes Goku! Will this be the deciding blow!?

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