dragon ball super 119

Picolo Eliminated! Dragon Ball Super Episode 119 120 Spoiler

Dragon Ball Super Episode 119:”A New Victim from Universe 7 Universe 4 Gets Serious!!”

On this episode invisible warrior of universe 4 should make some trouble,  Universe 4′ small weirdo Damom with his brother Gamisaras will come to light. But not exactly confront directly Universe 7s’ Z fighters rather beat them up using their one of hidden techniques. The battle between Universe 7’s Vegeta and the Universe 2 Warrior Katopesla has nearly reached his conclusion. But before that happen Katopesla seems to be caught off-guard and tripped up, falling from the arena. What’s more, Vegeta and Gohan are attacked by something they can’t see, and nearly fall from the arena too. This something, which can be neither be seen nor have its Ki sensed, also surprise attacks NO.18. It turns out to be Universe 4’s invinsible person Gamisaras, but NO.18 is not sure how to fight this invisible enemy.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 120:”A Perfect Survival Strategy! Universe 3’s Menacing Assassins!!”

Universe 4 will finally make their move, and Universe 7, who are already at their limits, will have a really hard time dealing with them. We also know that Universe 7 is going to lose a fighter in the next episode of Dragon Ball Super, so Universe 4 is likely going to put Goku and the rest through a lot. However, Universe 4 is not going to be the only Universe that’s going all-out now. Apparently, Universe 3 is playing all its cards as well.

Despite Piccolo accidentally falling from the arena, the warriors of Universe 7 have managed to defeat two tricky opponents, the invisible Gamisras and the insectoid Damon, resulting in Universe 4’s destruction. Now only Universe 3, 7, and 11 remain. Although Jiren’s Universe 11 is quite formidable, Universe 3’s survival strategy has born fruit, leaving them with most of their warriors still remaining. the time has finally come for universe 3 to get down to business. The Universe 3 warriors Koitsukai and co. attack Son Goku and co. in unison.